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SmartboxScalable: Smart and slightly bigger than a microwave. Powerful enough to support any size property, the compact smartbox converts up to 96 satellite-delivered TV channels into any in-hotel distribution network, including coaxial, ethernet and fiber. Simultaneously deliver HD into every guest room, encrypted channels into the lobby and HD or analog signals into the gym all without complex wiring or bulky racks. The chassis is small enough to be wall-mounted.

Manageable: Enterprise-grade TV service management system. smartbox has integrated a wireless modem that connects to DISH’s secure private backbone network. DISH system integrators will use the network for real-time system health monitoring and remote management. Hotel management can view a service dashboard to keep their guests up to date on TV services.

Adaptable:Install today. Thrive Tomorrow. smartbox’s fluid technology is designed to evolve as the industry changes. The system can be easily reconfigured to meet future property expansions, system developments and network innovations with just the switch of a blade. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Reliable: Guests will never know if a component fails. smartbox has been designed with Enterprise-grade components to reduce the likelihood of mechanical issues. Should mechanical issues occur, smartbox’s 24/7 backups allow service to continue without disrupting your guests TV experience.

Total Cost of Ownership: Economical meets energy efficient. smartbox requires less than 300 watts of power for a 40-channel HD lineup, consuming 90% less power than the current platform. The system also operates in temperatures up to 122F, eliminating the need for expensive cooling systems. Savings valid as of 2/24/14.


smartbox priced


below satellite competition



less power than current platform

Smartbox Technical Specs

ATSC receiver blade
Dimensions (H x W x D) 8.7 x 17.6 x 15.8
Line Voltage 90 to 264 VAC, 47 to 64 Hz
Power Consumption MAX 1500W
Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C
Blade Options:
Satellite Receiver Blade 1 to 12 blades
ATSC Receiver Blade 0 to 3 blades
QAM16 Blade 0 to 2 blades
NTSC Analog Blade 0 to 5 blades
Satellite Inputs (from LNB):
Frequency Range 950 to 2150 MHz (Stacked LNB)
Input Level Per Carrier -65 to -25 dBm to aggregate
Return Loss > 15 dB
Impedence 750Ω
Connections 4 x F-Female
IP Input/Output:
Connections (4) RJ-45, GbE, Full Duplex, Auto-Neg
Addressing Unicast, Multicast (IGMP v1/2/3)
Transport Protocol UDP/IP
Transport Format SPTS
IP Management HTTP, TR-069
Local User Interface Web Browser
Wireless Interface:
Connector SMB
Impedance 50Ω
Receiver Sensitivity -105 dBm (typical)
Transmit Power +24.5 dBm (typical)
CDMA EV-DO Rev A 800/1900 MHz – 3.1 Mb/s (forward link),
1.8 Mb/s (reverse link)
SMS MT/MO PDU / Text mode
satellite receiver blade
Dimensions (H x W x D) 7.5 x 0.9 x 14.5
Power Consumption 30W (typical)
Satellite Channels 8 transponders and/or 8 programs
Modulation Rates DVB-S: 1 to 45 Msps 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
DVB-S2: 5 to 33 Msps
QPSK: 1/2, 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 8/9, 9/10
8PSK: 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 8/9, 9/10
Turbo FEC: 2 to 30 Msps
QPSK: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
8PSK: 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 8/9
Acquisition Range 5 MHz
Tuner Step Size 100 kHz
Optional Modules Transcoder
Dimensions (H x W x D) 7.5 x 0.9 x 13.5
Power Consumption 20W (typical)
Connector F-Female
ATSC Frequencies 8 carriers and/or 8 programs
Frequency Range 42 to 1002 MHz
Input Level Per Carrier -83 to -5 dBm
Return Loss >15 dB
Impedance 75Ω
Optional Modules Transcoder
QAM16 blade
NTSC analog blade
transcoder module
Dimensions (H x W x D) 7.5 x 0.9 x 13.5
Power Consumption 25W (typical)
Connector F-Female
Output Frequency 45 to 1003 MHz
Channel Bandwidth 16 channels, 2.24 to 8.05 MHz
Modulation ITU-T J.83 Annex A, C (16QAM, 32QAM,
64QAM, 128QAM or 256QAM)
ITU-T J.83B Annex B (64,256QAM)
QAM Symbol Rate 2.0~7.0 Msps
Interleaving 128/1 Annex B, 12/17 Annex A,C
Channel Plans EIA, HRC, IRC, Manual
Output Frequency Accuracy 125 Hz
Baud Rate Accuracy <10 ppm
Output Level 45 dBmV effective pre-combined
output power
Output Attenuation 0 to 10 dB (0.5 dB step)
Output Level Flatness (45 to 864 MHz)1 dB,
(45 to 1003 MHz)2 dB
Spurious > 60 dBc (in 4MHz)
Output Impedance 75Ω
Output Return Loss >11 dB
Dimensions (H x W x D) 7.5 x 0.9 x 13.5
Power Consumption 70W (typical)
Connector F-Female
Maximum Number of
NTSC Channels
16 NTSC RF with stereo audio
Frequency Range 54 to 519 MHz
Band Plan STD, HRC, IRC
Output Level 24 NTSC Channels 45 dBmV equivalent
Output Adjust Range 10 dB
Attenuation Steps Increment 0.5 dB
Output Impedance 75Ω
Output Return Loss In-Band ? -12 dB 54 to 519 MHz
RF Flatness Response 1 dB 54 to 519 MHz
Carrier Frequency Stability 5 kHz Std channel
Audio/Video Ratio 15 5 dB
Dimensions (H x W x D) 6.0 x 0.8 x 4.5
Power Consumption 30W (typical)
Conversions Supported MPEG-4 to MPEG-4 either HD or SD with lower output bit rate (transrating) with no format conversion
MPEG-4 to MPEG-2 either HD or SD with no format conversion
MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 either HD or SD with no format conversion
MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 HD to MPEG-2 SD with format conversion to 480i with no cropping

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