Does Your Site Have Malware?

Removing a virus or other malware is easy, right? Just identify which type of malware it is and
how you were compromised:

  • Compiled Virus?Cyber Security News
  • Interpreted Virus?
  • Worm?
  • Trojan Horse?
  • Malicious Mobile Code?
  • Blended Attack?
  • Backdoor?
  • Keystroke Logger?
  • Rootkit?
  • Web Browser Plug-In?
  • E-Mail Generator?
  • Attacker Toolkit?
  • Other?

Did you have any idea there were this many types of malware lurking around hoping to infect your website?

Protect Against MalwareIf you believe your website has a problem – whether it is hidden malware, an
active virus, or any other malicious risk above – let SMS help!

Fill out our Cyber Security contact form here and we will not only help you
through recovery, but we will also assist in implementing steps to ensure that
you never experience another security breach again.


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