SandBlast Mobile

SandBlast Mobile

Cyberattacks have moved beyond the enterprise perimeter. Mobile devices are now the backdoor to network breaches and expose sensitive corporate data to risk.

Check Point’s SandBlast Mobile is the leading mobile threat defense solution (MTD), protecting devices in your business from advanced mobile attacks so you can deploy devices with confidence.

How does it work?

SandBlast Mobile uses malicious app detection to find known and unknown threats. Its dynamic threat response prevents compromised devices from accessing your organization’s network, while allowing your organization to set adaptive policy controls. SandBlast Mobile protects your organization from the source of your next security breach: mobile devices.

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Advanced protection, highest catch-rate

SandBlast Mobile is the recognized leader for defending against advanced cyberattacks, scoring the highest threat catch rate in Miercom’s 2017 Industry Assessment. Only SandBlast Mobile provides a complete mobile security solution that protects employees’ devices from all vectors of attack:

  • Malware-infected apps
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks on compromised Wi-Fi networks
  • Operating system exploits
  • Malicious links sent through SMS messages

Providing the industry’s most secure protection for your organization’s iOS and Android users, Sandblast Mobile delivers unique capabilities, including:

  • On-device artificial intelligence that detects and instantly blocks zero-day malware
  • The first solution to prevent targeted SMiShing attacks on iOS 11 and Android

SandBlast Mobile Keeps your Private Information Private

SandBlast Mobile’s app never collects or examines any content stored on the device, preserving user privacy.

Exceptional User Experience

SandBlast Mobile never impacts device performance or battery life because the majority of its risk analysis is performed in the cloud. The on-device app runs seamlessly in the background until malicious activity is detected, alerting the end user to take action.

The SandBlast Mobile app puts you in control of the safety of your device.

  • Dashboards show whether your device, network, and app are protected
  • Alerts you when you’re under attack and what action to take
  • Empowers end users and fosters faster adoption across organizations

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Market Leading Threat Research

Credited with discovering 70% of all new malware in the 2016 Android Security Year in Review, SandBlast Mobile leads the market with the largest group of mobile security scientists and researchers. Watch the video below to learn more.

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