Setting up your SMS Hosted Exchange account on an Android phone or tablet

The following steps are required to configure your SMS Hosted Exchange on your Android phones and tablets:

1.    Locate your Settings icon within your App Drawer.

hosted-exchange-android-setup (1)

2.    Within Settings, scroll down and select Add Account.

hosted-exchange-android-setup (2)

3.    Select Email from within the Add account section.

hosted-exchange-android-setup (3)

4. Enter your Email Address and Password, then select Next.

hosted-exchange-android-setup (4)

5. Select Microsoft Exchange Activesync for Account Type.

hosted-exchange-android-setup (5)

6. Enter only your email address in the Domain\Username section.  Make sure your password is correct then add the following server in the Exchange server field:

Then, select the Next button.

7. You will be presented with a Remote Security Administration prompt.  Select OK.

hosted-exchange-android-setup (6)

8. Feel free to name your account, then select Done and you’re finished.

hosted-exchange-android-setup (7)

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